The Mines de Cogne Cooperative

The cooperative was founded on January 2, 2015 and is composed of 15 members chosen for their enthusiasm and professionalism. The aim of the cooperative is to offer cultural and economic opportunities to the community of Cogne giving young people the opportunity to work in their own territory, promoting the conservation and the touristic development of the disused magnetite mines of Cogne.

The cooperative deals with the maintenance and monitoring of both external and internal mining appurtenances, the technical design and safety of the mine's structures and systems, the management of Maison Gérard Dayné (museum, exhibitions, coworking) and the finding of public and private funding in collaboration with all the involved figures.

Address and contact details

The address of the Cooperative is at the Maison Gérard Dayné, Rue Sonveulla 30 in Cogne

You can write to

Our telephone number is 0165749665

Maison Gérard-Dayné

With its stone and wood architecture the Maison Gérard-Dayné represents one of the most significant examples of rural local architecture. It has been donated by Celestino Dayné to the Municipality of Cogne and subsequently opened to the public as an Ethnographic Museum. The house is the result of several extensions that led to the union of different buildings: the oldest stone and wood area dates back to 1600, while the parts in masonry to 1800.

Until the end of August Maison Dayné presents:

René Monjoie, "Rencontres Fortuites"

Opening Times:

9.30-12.00 _ 15.00-18.00

Closed on Monday and Tuesday morning

Maison Gérard Dayné is a place where the emotions of memory help us to think about the value of the conservation and enhancement of the architectural, historical and cultural heritage of Alpine civilizations.

This house offers a Co-Working Service in a quiet corner for those who need to study or work (booking is recommended).

Book your guided tour

Evveryday at 10.30 a.m. and at 2.30 p.m. you can visit the mines with a guide, starting from Costa del Pino. You will have to wear an helmet with a lamp and go all the way through the heart of the mountain.