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An astonishing journey inside the mountain, in the mine, through history.



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Travelling through history

Travelling through time inside the highest mines in Europe

Follow us on a journey through history that needs a bit of imagination to fill a space abandoned since 1979 with sounds, noises and emotions.

The first document on the Cogne mine dates back to 1432. Since that year the magnetite extraction activity has been uninterrupted, but with the beginning of the twentieth century extraction reached an industrial scale. The mining settlement of Cogne, the biggest in the Aosta Valley, is one of the most important magnetite mining sites in our country and represents the workplace of generations of Cogneins and emigrants from all over Italy.

Old little train

Just after entering the tunnels, you can jump on board of a small train taking you in a 1.5 km journey into the heart of the mine: it will be the oppurtunity to live the atmosphere of the mine (darkness, humidity, cold with a constant 7 degrees throughout the year).

After 15 minutes on board of this original 1950s little yellow train, which was used by miners until 1979, you'll geto to the end of the carriage tunnel and begin the walk through the tunnels.

Discover the magnetite mines

The visit begins at Costa del Pino, a spot located 2031 mt above sea level and is the intermediate station of the Cogne mines.

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Book your guided tour

Evveryday at 10.30 a.m. and at 2.30 p.m. you can visit the mines with a guide, starting from Costa del Pino. You will have to wear an helmet with a lamp and go all the way through the heart of the mountain.