A journey through time inside the mines of Cogne

100 km of tunnels, one of the highest mines in Europe, a 1.5 km experience in the mountains on the small train used by the miners.

The magnetite mines of Cogne are among the highest in Europe. They offer a succession of over 100 km of tunnels and original installations leading the visitors on the path of generations of miners and offering a breathtaking view on the majestic Mont Blanc and the imposing Gran Paradiso. Thanks to the opening to the public, you can experience a unique experience inside the mountain: you will travel 1.5 km in the tunnel, aboard an old miners train, finding yourself in the heart of the mine.

The project is ambitious: we want to take the visitors down under: there, where, until 1979, miners worked for the extraction of magnetite. The authenticity of this place is undoubtedly its secret.

You will experience a magical atmosphere : the old buildings, the panorama, the tools, the rooms as the miners left them and the rattle of the train that will take visitors along the carriage tunnel... All those elements confer to the visit an ancient charm, that takes you back to the centuries. After a short journey, you will arrive at the base of the main descendery, continue up to the level of the internal mills, visit the rooms with original machinery and continue for a section of the tunnel down to the base of a drainage shaft.

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Evveryday at 10.30 a.m. and at 2.30 p.m. you can visit the mines with a guide, starting from Costa del Pino. You will have to wear an helmet with a lamp and go all the way through the heart of the mountain.